Take a fresh look at California.

San Diego: Man Stabbed Apparently Due To His Color

San Diego County, CA - According to NBC 7 San Diego: Sheriff's investigators say a man randomly stabbed while walking home alone in Fallbrook in January was a hate crime, and three men now behind bars attacked him because of the color of…

Temecula: Trump Rally Garnishes A Low 150 Supporters

Temecula, CA - A city with a population of about 100,000, only gained about .001 in a support rally held for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, if my math is right. The Rally was held at the Temecula Duck Pond on may 7th …

Prank Callers Target Businesses

Bulletin - The latest incident where a prank caller(s)  targeted a Burger King in Minnesota, is just one incident. Other incidents have happened in California and other States as well.