Clown Who Cheered Children Killed In Aleppo

Clown Who Cheered Children Killed In Aleppo

It’s a sad day in Aleppo – Anas Al-Basha, a Syrian man who worked as a clown in Aleppo whom was often seen cheering children, families and the wounded, was reported as killed earlier in the week by a missile strike in the neighborhood of Mashhad. Reports are saying that  Al-Basha was the last clown in Aleppo, […]

Why Activists Receive So Many Praises Across The World

If you think for one moment that these brave individuals would not rather be home with their families, your wrong! Countless hours, days, months, years have been taken away from those whom stand for justice, and yet there are so many hate filled people out there, that are against it. What most need to realize, […]