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Black Lives Matter Disrupts Hillary..

The Black Lives Matter movement disrupted Hillary Clinton’s speech at Clark Atlanta University. The disruption has angered many whom support Black Lives Matter citing that Hillary Clinton addressed some of the issues at the speech, that the movement present was a total dis-respect at Clinton’s rally. Many are voicing their opinions citing that the movement […]

2nd Video In The Gilbert Flores Still Not Released To Public

Many are beginning to question if even a second video exists. It’s going on more than 30 days now without public updates, last we’ve checked. According to KSAT.COM a man who was in the area witnessed the shooting by Bexar Sheriff’s Deputies and contacted KSAT12. The second video the Sheriff’s claim to have, has not […]

Should Police Be Required To Have Special Insurance?

Should Police Be Required To Have Special Insurance?

Should all Police officers be required to carry liability insurance? Just as a doctor carries malpractice insurance. My Opinion: This may seem funny, but think about it… It’s almost like having car insurance, the more accidents you have, the higher the premium. Should an Officer have many accidents then the Dept. may not want to […]