Jeff Flake Earns More Twitter Likes Than Donald Trump

Wow –

Jeff Flake has received more likes on a twitter tweet than Donald Trump according to a recent scroll down on realDonaldTrump ‘ s twitter account, in average Trump has a low 100k likes according to the tweets I scrolled through (note: I didn’t scroll down to far as I couldn’t find a single tweet with more than 200k likes so I stopped after 4 minutes of scrolling down), where as in a single tweet by Jeff Flake has received more than 200k.

Donald Trump’s twitter account still comes into question as The Weekly View reported…

According to Twitter Audit

A recent audit suggests over 22 Million of @RealDonaldTrump’s twitter account are fake.

So the question is who just recently ran the audit?

Back on July 30 of 2016 it was reported that an audit suggested that Trump had more than 6 Million fake followers…

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