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SWCNN Endorses Hillary Clinton

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After continued meetings within our own staff, it was unanimous in agreement with  supporting the Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and her running mate VP Tim Kaine.

This is a historic moment for us, we have been in publication since 2013 and this will be our first endorsement ever made by a unanimous decision without any objections from the staff members.

The decision was made ever more clearer after the Vice Presidential Debate, whereas as Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence not only failed in defending his Presidential Candidate and running mate Donald Trump but failed at answering questions without distortion regarding things Trumps has made clear and has said.

We understand and accept the notion that at times some people will distort the truth and or maybe say the wrong things on occasion, but to fully accept a pair whom work together as a team with a continued pattern and or consistency is something we can not accept.

We have not heard one apology from a Donald Trump, whom  presents and or appears to be the most perfect and non mistakeful human in our universe, to perfect in so we believe he could present a danger not only to America but to other Nations across the world.

We do not agree with a number of Donald Trump’s distorted truth, criticisms, hurtful remarks including his refusal to release his tax returns, therefore we repudiate Donald Trump to our fullest of extent.


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