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Riverside: Quitting Pays Well?

Quitting Pays!

I think that is just plain awesome!

Will our Taxes be raised TOO?


We as County residents Should continue to support  lavish lifestyles?

ex-Supe Bob Buster had cashed out annual leave (sick time and vacation) totaling $241K.

But wait where not done yet!

If you act now, you’ll get not one but….

Dave Stahovich  201k

 Kevin Jeffries $$$$$

So let’s think this clear, years from now when the County struggles to stay afloat, can we come back to this story and or  stories related and remember that many Tax Payers were paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for sick leaves and ??? I mean why work when Quitting Pays! should be the SLOGAN!  ‘ QUITTING PAYS IN RIVERSIDE’..

That’s my thought whats yours????

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